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Windows offer more than just a pretty view. They need to be strong enough to stand up to weather and sealed for complete insulation. If you've noticed windows that are expanding, cracking or fogging, contact Handsome Roofing for window replacement services in Meridian & Boise, ID.

We specialize in energy-efficient window installation using Low-E glass and other technological advancements. All of our windows are made in the state of Idaho using the highest-quality materials. Call 208-805-8873 today to schedule your window replacement services.

How do energy-efficient windows work?

How do energy-efficient windows work?

Not all windows are created equal. At Handsome Roofing, we offer energy-efficient window installation to lower your monthly bills and put less strain on your HVAC system. All of our windows have:

  • Glass coatings-Low-E glass is capable of blocking up to 90% of UV rays. Glazing, tints and coatings all help to reduce the total UV amounts that pass through to your home.
  • Spacer systems-Air trapped between the inside and outside of your windows can act as a thermal blanket. This reduces condensation and improves energy efficiency.
  • Multiple panes-double- or triple-paned glass can further reduce UV penetration by up to 97%. This will keep you comfortable year-round and protect your carpeting and fabrics from sun damage.

To learn more about our energy-efficient window installation services, contact us today to set up an appointment in Meridian & Boise, ID.